Terms and Conditions - Harborne Bouncy Castle

  1. In the case of a bouncy castle hire without supervisors, hirers or organisers must have insurance to cover any eventuality that could arise at the event, including injuries and accidents to the users. While we have public liability insurance, it is the hirer or organiser responsibility to ensure that they have the required insurance cover.
  2. If any unforeseen circumstances prevent us from fulfilling our obligations, our liability will be limited to a refund of any money paid in relation to the event. In the event of a delayed start, we will offer a pro-rata reduction in the hire fee. No other compensation will be paid, irrespective of any loss of earnings. No refunds will be paid back to you in the event of you cancelling your event at the last minute. All booking our subject to availability and last minutes changes may occur.
  3. Although we endeavour to ensure the safety of our customers, people employed by Harborne Bouncy Castle cannot guarantee against any accidents. It is the organiser or hirer's responsibility to ensure that all users are aware of the rules of use.
  4. We will not be held responsible for any loss of property or accidents on any bookings for any reason.
  5. Only responsible people deemed capable of exercising control over children by the hirer and delegated by said hirer should supervise the equipment. They must be on-hand at all times while the inflatable or equipment is in operation.
  6. Any sharp objects, such as glasses and toys, must not be allowed on to the equipment.
  7. Shoes are not permitted on the equipment.
  8. Streamers, silly string, freshly-painted faces, chewing gum, food, drink and other messy items must not be allowed on the equipment.
  9. The hirer takes full liability for any damage caused, or any theft of the equipment during the course of the bouncy castle hire.
  10. The equipment must not be removed from the site without Harborne Bouncy Castle's prior written consent.
  11. The hirer must ensure that the equipment does not become overloaded.
  12. No children of ages more than two years apart should use the equipment at the same time. The hirer or a responsible adult must monitor the equipment to ensure this does not occur.
  13. Most equipment is intended for children under the age of 13. We do not recommend their use by older children. For more specific information, please contact us.
  14. If anyone other than employees of Harborne Bouncy Castle sets up the equipment, our public liability insurance will be invalid. If you have elected to collect the equipment yourself, please ensure you have adequate insurance.
  15. No climbing over the roofs or safety walls is permitted.
  16. All units come with electric blower fans. Diesel or petrol generators or petrol fans are available at an extra cost. Fuel is not supplied and this is the full responsibility of the hirer.
  17. Supervision is mandatory during wet weather conditions. Equipment can become slippery when wet so care must be taken. If there are any concerns, close the equipment down immediately, wipe clean and dry. When the equipment is suitably dry and safe, use of the equipment can resume.
  18. The property should not be rehired to any person or group except the person it was originally hired out to without the prior written consent of Harborne Bouncy Castle.
  19. The equipment must not be sprayed with water from water pistols or hose pipes.
  20. If there are any problems, call our office immediately for appropriate advice.
  21. All necessary permissions required for the proposed event must be received by the hirer. All documentation pertaining to the hire, including public liability insurance, must be obtained at the time of booking from Harborne Bouncy Castle.
  22. If equipment must be transported through commercial or domestic areas, it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that access is available and that any furnishings etc. that could come into contact with the equipment is protected from damages.
  23. If safety barriers are needed, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are in place.
  24. All first aid equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.
  25. The hirer must be aware that certain equipment should not be used in windy or wet conditions. Please speak to Harborne Bouncy Castle if in any doubt.
  26. It is the hirer responsibility to read these terms and conditions. Harborne Bouncy Castle will assume the hirer has read and understood the T&C's.
  27. Harborne Bouncy Castle has the right not to refund the hirer if the equipment hired does not fit in the desired area. The hirer takes full responsibility for all measurements.